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I had a dream of becoming an architect, but then I graduated from chemistry. Such a different path 😵
Due to this unreached dream, I have special blog for designing home experiment.

Of course, for designing home, I need special supported software/application.
I had a portable software for home design on my windows laptop, it’s sweet home 3d. It’s free and easy to create a new floor plan and also render it out. I love it.

Since I have a handsome-baby-boy, I have no time to use laptop. I use android tablet pc instead because its simplicity.

I also want supported apps on my android tablet pc for my experiment. Then I found these 3 free edition of home designing apps. I’ll tell ya one by one.


1. Virtual plan 3d
I forgot whether they have the paid version. On the opening, there’re steps which inform us to visit their web and scan the QR code. I visited the web, and there’re some plan. I didn’t see any button for creating new plan.
Without visiting the web and pick the plan, I was stuck on the first step. Then I reinstalled.
When I captured this apps on play store, my opinion about this app is for visualizing the plans on their web instead of visualizing our new plan.


2. Home design 3D
I installed this apps while installing virtualplan 3D. On the opening page, there’s 1 sample of studio that can be previewed its 2D and 3D but there’s alert that we have to buy the premium version in order to save our work. But the alert appeared again and again once I pressed the new button. Then I checked the furniture gallery, there’s only a few object and the alert came again.
In my opinion, the free version should perform the best features, first impression of the apps then if the user feel happy with the apps, they’re willing to buy the premium version, no matter how it cost.
Then I reinstalled.


3. Sweet home design LITE
I thought this is the android version of sweet home 3D. We could create a new floor plan in 2D. But I didn’t find the preview in 3D nor the render button. This version is very standard if compared to the PC version. Also since we use sharpless fingers to create area, sometimes the size was not accurate enough.

I thought that I still have to use the PC version of sweet home 3D. At least, that’s the easiest apps for home design for me now.

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10 tips and trick to manage your Hotelstory successfully

Hotelstory is a game to manage hotel. I thought it just managing the room of hotel, but I was wrong! It is also to manage room and hotel’s supporting facilities such as restaurant, toilet, etc.

First, I have 2 floors. I’m the manager of 1st floor and my husband as the manager of another floor. Then he’s irresponsible left his duty and I handled both. But, his floor is not my style at all. Then I decided to play it from zero, uninstall and wished that all data would lost and I can install and play a new hotel.
But, I was mistaken! Even it’s uninstall for some time, when we redownload, the condition was same as when we left/uninstall the game. Pufff!

Then I have to continue the game.
I manage the hotel once my baby is sleeping :mrgreen:, otherwise he will participate in moving the things on my hotel.
Now, I’m on level 22 with 4 floor.


My hotelstory : bensya hotel

I’ve played it honestly and naturally without any cheat or crack code.
There’re some tricks for playing hotel story without any purchase diamond nor coins :

1.  Capture your hotel for coins. If the camera on left bottom corner has coin, go capture your hotel then share. Don’t worry it will posted on your socmed wall. Just press ‘back’ once the socmed option appears, then the extra coins are yours.

2.  Take the longest tour. Longer you take, more coins you’ll get. I suggest you to consider the time. Do not take the tour which it will be end while you’re sleeping tightly at night. I always take the tour which will finish when I’ve already got up and had routine activity.

3. Upgrade the facilities. Your coin for level upgrade and buying new facilities seems far, then upgrade the available facilities you’ve had. Such as, upgrading bedrooms for more earnings. On my hotel, all bedrooms are in level 2. And you know what? Upgrading bedroom is fast! No need diamond to accelerate, just upgrade them while you can manage/move some facilities.

4. Add some ‘accessories’ for your facilities. Accessories such as plants, trees, theme floor can add the passion value, so that your bedroom will be rent more than without facilities.

5. Add some items. Guests are pleased if the bedroom has pillow, coffee, magazine, milk, etc. More passion value you have, faster the maximum fee will reach.

6. Invest for new guests. Guests come from the investment. Even we know the investment price is quite expensive, but more investment we have, more guests visit hotel.

7. Speed up the receptionist. This is my experience. I have many bedrooms, and many guests are queueing on the receptionist, but many bedrooms are dark which mean it’s not occupied. I’ve add plant, tree, items but it still unoccupied. Then I try task to speed up the receptionist. And it works! After I speeding up the receptionist, most unoccupied rooms turns to be occupied. Yeah!

8. Add other floor soon. the upgrade fee will be cheaper. If you have no idea what the new floor will be fulfilled with, just add bedroom. It’s hotel, isn’t it? Guests come to hotel to stay, right?

9. Expand the first floor till its limit! Till now I can still expand it. The first floor is your hotel’s first impression.

10. Look for inspiration. Once you feel bored of placing rooms and facilities, just look another hotel which has best rank in passion and coins. It works for me.

Well that’s from me. If you have any other tricks and tips, feel free to leave comment.

See you on another game review 🙂

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