10 tips and trick to manage your Hotelstory successfully

Hotelstory is a game to manage hotel. I thought it just managing the room of hotel, but I was wrong! It is also to manage room and hotel’s supporting facilities such as restaurant, toilet, etc.

First, I have 2 floors. I’m the manager of 1st floor and my husband as the manager of another floor. Then he’s irresponsible left his duty and I handled both. But, his floor is not my style at all. Then I decided to play it from zero, uninstall and wished that all data would lost and I can install and play a new hotel.
But, I was mistaken! Even it’s uninstall for some time, when we redownload, the condition was same as when we left/uninstall the game. Pufff!

Then I have to continue the game.
I manage the hotel once my baby is sleeping :mrgreen:, otherwise he will participate in moving the things on my hotel.
Now, I’m on level 22 with 4 floor.


My hotelstory : bensya hotel

I’ve played it honestly and naturally without any cheat or crack code.
There’re some tricks for playing hotel story without any purchase diamond nor coins :

1.  Capture your hotel for coins. If the camera on left bottom corner has coin, go capture your hotel then share. Don’t worry it will posted on your socmed wall. Just press ‘back’ once the socmed option appears, then the extra coins are yours.

2.  Take the longest tour. Longer you take, more coins you’ll get. I suggest you to consider the time. Do not take the tour which it will be end while you’re sleeping tightly at night. I always take the tour which will finish when I’ve already got up and had routine activity.

3. Upgrade the facilities. Your coin for level upgrade and buying new facilities seems far, then upgrade the available facilities you’ve had. Such as, upgrading bedrooms for more earnings. On my hotel, all bedrooms are in level 2. And you know what? Upgrading bedroom is fast! No need diamond to accelerate, just upgrade them while you can manage/move some facilities.

4. Add some ‘accessories’ for your facilities. Accessories such as plants, trees, theme floor can add the passion value, so that your bedroom will be rent more than without facilities.

5. Add some items. Guests are pleased if the bedroom has pillow, coffee, magazine, milk, etc. More passion value you have, faster the maximum fee will reach.

6. Invest for new guests. Guests come from the investment. Even we know the investment price is quite expensive, but more investment we have, more guests visit hotel.

7. Speed up the receptionist. This is my experience. I have many bedrooms, and many guests are queueing on the receptionist, but many bedrooms are dark which mean it’s not occupied. I’ve add plant, tree, items but it still unoccupied. Then I try task to speed up the receptionist. And it works! After I speeding up the receptionist, most unoccupied rooms turns to be occupied. Yeah!

8. Add other floor soon. the upgrade fee will be cheaper. If you have no idea what the new floor will be fulfilled with, just add bedroom. It’s hotel, isn’t it? Guests come to hotel to stay, right?

9. Expand the first floor till its limit! Till now I can still expand it. The first floor is your hotel’s first impression.

10. Look for inspiration. Once you feel bored of placing rooms and facilities, just look another hotel which has best rank in passion and coins. It works for me.

Well that’s from me. If you have any other tricks and tips, feel free to leave comment.

See you on another game review 🙂

Posted with love from quinietab


10 thoughts on “10 tips and trick to manage your Hotelstory successfully

  1. I wanna share the trick how you can get coin so fast. No need to wait the tour, you can choose the longer tour than exit that game, go to setting and change the date on your phone to yesterday date. For the example, today 30th april, change to 29th april. After that, open back the game. You would see all the facilities will rebuild again but dont worry, just go back to setting phone and change again the date to today and your facilities will been fixed again and your longest tour will finish even it begin a few minutes ago. You can also take picture so you can get coin. Try it. Its work. I always change the date over ang over again till my coin reach the maximum in just 10 minutes.


    1. Woww nice info. Thank you. Will update the post soon, adding your suggestion.
      Anyway i ever do this time cheating for coin dozer. Hahaha


    2. I play a game called High School Story which has the same cheat but if the develepers find out you re in detention which means you can’t do anything in the game for about 5 hours. Does something like that happen with this cheat too?!
      PS: follow me! My name is Katniss Granger


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