Personalized birthday gift

I love customized stuff. Handmade, limited and personalized are the characteristics of customized things.
For me, personal touch are priceless than the most expensive thing in the world.

Like my mother-in-law birthday this February. I have no idea for her gift until I saw this on Facebook.


It was cushion with photo print. I was interested to give her this stuff. But it’s too expensive and the turn around time was too long.

Looking for the vendor
I tweeted mentioning regional community account, there’re some responses. They thought it was ordinary printing which could be done by conventional way. It is DTG printing. The input can be photo or other picture which has many colors.
Some of them also offerred photo cushion on the filling cover and it’s hairy like hairy-doll material.

My term and conditions
Then I found this local vendor on local marketplace. I contacted it and found what I wanted :
1. It is printed on the cushion cover instead of the filling cover. The cushion cover is  plain material. Love it! I hate the hairy surface. We can wash the cushion cover. Turn inside out, it’s better to keep the printing in good way.

2.  We can choose the back side of the cushion cover. I choose the green color, since my mother-in-law loves green.

3. The turn around time is faster. Only 2-3 days excluded shipping time. Shipping time maximum is 3days.

4. The most important thing, the price is affordable!

This local vendor can also make caricature from our photo with a little price adjustment. Awesome!

How to order
The order process is also a piece of cake. I send the picture by email, then they count the price+shipping fee, I transfer then 3 days later. It’s finished and arrived safely to me!

Other specific request from the vendor is the picture/photo should be sent in high resolution so the output on the cushion will be great as input.

The photo input
The input is a collage. I collected some photos where there’s only grand mother and grand son. Then use instamag and photo grid.
Many people ask me why I have to use the ‘same’ photo application.
It’s because I love the collage form from instamag and also I love adding words using photogrid. 😁

The cushion itself
The cushion dimension is 30×30 cm. It’s quite good size for decorative cushion. It’s completed with zipper so we can detach and wash the cushion cover. The filling is kinda silicones material. The cushion cover itself is knitted tricot kinda polyester material. The price is IDR 65000 excluding shipping fee from its origin (Bandung).

The left top is the input, and other 3 pictures are the output. Front, side and back.


This is the one and only (personalized) birthday gift in the world with photo of my mother-in-law with her beloved grandson (my son).
And she was very happy receiving this personalized gift.
But, she complains the size. She wants larger like 60×60 cm. Haha.
Yeah, that’s mom 😉

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