Celebrating wedding anniversary


This month is my wedding anniversary.
Many ways to celebrate wedding anniversary, such as romantic candle dinner, having another romantic honeymoon, giving flower bouquet or other romantic gift.

My husband and I usually watch our wedding video annually on our wedding anniversary. It is such a romantic moment too.
This year, we absolutely will watch it again.

But, I try something new. I create a video slide. It’s inspired by Facebook short movie a few years ago. The video consists of photos and some texts.

It’s easy to create. I use my android¬† tablet and some application like textcutie, instamag and photogrid. I tell you the steps.

1.  Choose the photos. Better composite in a collage. You may use instamag or other photo collage maker application.
2. Browse the related quotes, then rewrite on the photo or other dramatic backgrounds. I use the textcutie for the quotes.
3. Arrange the sequences of photos and quotes to make a video slide. I use photogrid.
4. For more romantic, you may add music background for your video slide. I’m using the instrumental version of thousand years.

And voila! This is my video slide.

4th anniversary: http://youtu.be/fqMeRKqVeDU

I use the low resolution so the file size is not too large. But the original version on my tab is high resolution and the video is great !

I think it’s such a nice short documentary with personal touch.

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